Five steps to secure your data center

Rutrell Yasin, Government Computer News,  Friday, November 20, 2009

With the advent of cloud computing, rich Internet applications, service-oriented architectures and virtualization, data center operations are becoming more dynamic, with fluid boundaries. The shift toward a new computing environment adds layers of complexity that have broad implications for how information technology managers secure the components of a data center to protect data from malicious attack or compromise.

Interoperable clouds - DMTF White Paper

DMTF International,  Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This white paper describes a snapshot of the work being done in the DMTF Open Cloud Standards Incubator, including use cases and reference architecture as they relate to the interfaces between a cloud service provider and a cloud service consumer. The goal of the Incubator is to define a set of architectural semantics that unify the interoperable management of enterprise and cloud computing. This paper summarizes the core use cases, reference architecture, and service lifecycle. These building blocks will be used to specify the cloud provider interfaces, data artifacts, and profiles to achieve interoperable management.